Alternative, Punk, Grunge
From: las vegas, NV, United States

Band Members

  • Jonathan Rosario - guitarist/bassist/vocals
  • Carmina S. Rosario - Drummer/percussion
  • Reverend Jim Jones - bassist/vocals

About Band

Interceder means intercept messages from God spread the word basically. the green flag that looks like a Nazi thing it represent the illegal and legal immigrants that live in the u.s. and all across the world!!! The reason for this flag is to people understand that we all came in America illegally!!! And what i mean is that spanish and Europeans strip the lands to the natives americans!!! Jonathan Rosario: Started to play bass when he first listen to blink 182 in 2001. i always wanted to make a punk band since i learn to play pathetic and dammit and smells like teen spirit. as i got older i enjoy music from bad religion, nofx, the hives, offsprings, nirvana, bad brains, interpol, and so on. 13 years ago. I wrote cappuccino. and i always wanted to record it! but too afraid to put it out there!! even if it was acoustic i wasn't happy about it. i decided to play guitar and learn some songs like slow hands, song 7 and direction from interpol. i've learn thru the years it's all about your style in music. and i choose a weird unique way of making horrible sound but i learn there's no rules in punk rock and post punk has similarities but i enjoy making music for THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR MY KIDS!! i hope when they get older they listen, laugh, enjoy, and understand that daddy did it for them!!! Carmina Rosario: Growing up in manila, Philippines she always wanted to be in music. she loves hip hop, R&B and of course ballad music. Carmina was mostly in the acoustic scene with her friends always trying to make music, have fun and enjoy. In 2008 she move to Las Vegas,NV with her parents. That same year she met Jonathan and began dating. at the time they where just dating not really doing anything other than that. Then one day Carmina was listening to jonathan play guitar and his music and she fell in love with his attitude, and way of style. In 2010 Jonathan and Carmina got married and Jonathan bought a junior drum set for there son and Carmina took the advantage to play and help Jonathan to make music. Reverend Jim Jones: Born in Las Vegas,nv loves punk music of all types accept for pop punk he hates that crapp. Reverend jim jones preaches about the struggles and joy in life especially if you give him free beer he be your friend asap. He join the band because he was trying to make his own and love the message that interceder gives to the people.

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