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hello  everyone my name is wil a.k.a. "the sonic visionary" from  ipdx. firstly i would like to thank everyone for taking the time to check my sound.  born in1968 in the state of virginia we moved to pennsylvania in 1973. going to school at lunch time or in study time i would find myself banging on the desk top  so i asked my mom that  i would like to learn to play the drums. in the days of the mid 70's from a family of 7 we had to think of everyones needs  .so i got myself a paper route  for some cash and i got a pratice drum pad . as time passed i would play in an industrial rock band, electronic dance band ect .hip-hop has always played a big role in my sound from break dancing back in the day  to my three dj brothers giging from place to place.   i have too many influences to name i just love sound. " ipdx is now "never sleeping & always filling the void with only the phat  ish for ya eardrums.                              i.p.d.x.                identify,predict,decide,xecute                                                                                                                    

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Website: myspace.com/ipdx

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